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Puneet Singla | Articles for To-Be-Bureaucrats

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Articles for To-Be-Bureaucrats

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Puneet Singla Articles for To Be Bureaucrats Skip to content Puneet Singla Articles for To Be Bureaucrats Menu and widgets An IT engineer by profession and an avid blogger analysing Socio Political issues of current importance The blog has a balanced viewpoint thereby leaving the reader with an open thought Search for Follow me on Facebook Recent Posts Maximum literacy Maximum barbaric Punjabi Hindus The forgotten minority Greece averts Financial terrorism Beauty of Writing From Pitanjali to United Nation Categories Economics Entertainment Environment History India International Polity Religion Social Issues Technology Terrorism Archives July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 Maximum literacy Maximum barbaric Over the years Kerala has been a model state in India for its literacy levels and hence an inspiration for other state s having achieved nearly 94 literacy rate as per 2011 census But over last few days number of disturbing pictures and news regarding indiscriminate culling of stray dogs actively backed by State have dominated the course of discussion regarding Kerala and has put the State into dock nationally and internationally In this article we will discuss about this barbaric decision of State govt why it is technically and legally flawed and finally some bitter realities related to this whole episode State Government s version Kerala government convened an all party meeting on 9 th July earlier this month and decided to drastically cut down the population of stray dogs by large scale culling and birth control measures The government s defence was that there were over 40000 cases in last 8 months of dog bites due to which there has been shortage of anti rabies drug at many stores in the State CM remarked that it is his responsibility to provide protection to people of State but did it mean that even if required large number of stray dogs to be killed was not clear To balance his above statement he claimed that local bodies will set up a mechanism of identification in which only gruesomely troublesome dogs will be killed and others will be sterilized and vaccinated Some ministers have claimed that there have been over 1 lac cases of dog bites in 2014 2015 but as expected from our executive class the claim could not backed by any data or a survey But all these claims by State govt seems rubbish and in subsequent section I will demolish them with an explanation regarding why it is technically and legally untenable solution Technical and Legal angle Technically First and foremost research and experience worldwide has shown that population of dogs cannot be controlled via culling because there is migration and subsequent improvement in reproduction and baby survival thus making up for the loss Moreover dogs always live in groups and if dogs in particular area are culled dogs from other territories may move in Secondly government s assurance of killing only Gruesomely dangerous dogs seems hollow as local bodies don t have the capacity to identify rabid dogs and hence there will be many dogs who will be indiscriminately killed Moreover every organism created by nature plays an important role in this delicately balance ecosystem and mass killing of any one can affect the whole ecosystem Last year Supreme Court of India in its historic decision banned Jalikattu many hail it as decision which initiated emancipation of animals said that animals have to be treated with dignity and compassion and even as per Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 which has Animal Birth Control ABC Rules clearly states that Stray dogs are to be sterilized vaccinated and subsequently released into the same area Considering this State govt s decision just doesn t seem illegal but should also be seen as Contempt of highest Court of land and hence concerned officials along with CM needs to be punished accordingly In one of my previous article I wrote about series of executive and judicial decisions which provided voice to voiceless animals but certainly this action of executive seems to have reverse the trend Many locals say that they are in danger because of these dogs and not the ones who are protesting They seem to be justified in venting out their anger against the protesters but they will be well advised if they are educated about the step they are pressurizing their government to take and explained that even after mass killing of stray dogs practically nothing would be achieved and problem will continue though it might get delayed Atleast the government should have studied policies of other States regarding this problem before hap hazardously announcing the mass killing Kerala s neighbour city Chennai has done it successfully without mass killing and even has Jaipur Though govt s in India are elected by people directly and they are accountable to people who elect them and are expected to take popular decisions which would benefit people but any sensible govt should avoid decisions which can have disastrous long term impacts Apart from legal and technical issues the whole episode has some moral questions Should we humans be mass killing other organisms just because some say there are dangerous for them have we forgotten the fact that they are also fellow living beings who have their brain wired to feel emotions and thus can feel pleasure and sorrowness Kerala popularly known as God s own country is definitely going to become God s own Graveyard because I believe nature too would be greatly disturbed on seeing one of its species being indiscriminately killed by other and surely will never want to return to this graveyard When there was a debate on Euthanasia most people opposed it by giving the logic that humans don t have the right to take away anybody s life against the will of God but why the same logic doesn t apply to fellow living beings animals Finally I believe the Courts will again have to come to rescue of these voiceless dogs by restraining the govt from continuing this illegal and morally unacceptable activity Though the decision will be an unpopular one among the locals but the Courts as they say are not supposed to be popular they are supposed to be fair and logical If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on July 23 2015 Categories India Social Issues Tags BoycottKerala Culling of dogs in Kerala debate on Euthanasia God s own country God s own Graveyard killing of stray dogs Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 shortage of anti rabies drug 1 Comment Punjabi Hindus The forgotten minority Over millions of years nature created humans with similar body features but over time we humans created different religions races castes etc to divide ourselves into different social groups As Dominance among fellow people is the basic nature of any human these different castes races religions etc lead to numerous fights among people who wanted to claim superiority of their religion caste race etc over others Numerous lives were lost and unfortunately still many people continue to suffer because of extreme religious and casteist jingoism among some anti society elements In this article we will briefly traverse along history of riots in India and then specifically riots in Punjab post 1984 and see how an unusual minority in Punjab Hindus still remain politically and socially subservient Riots A brief history Modern day riots are mostly because of religious differences and the history dates back to establishment of Slave dynasty 1206 A D in India As new religion was getting assimilated into society and since Islam enjoyed State patronage it dominated sub continent and followers of other religions faced severe repression from State itself This continued in more or less the same way until the arrival of British and for the very first time during 1857 First War of Independence followers of 2 contradicting religions fought together to liberate subcontinent from clutches of British rule In between Guru Gobind Singh 10 th Guru of Sikhs formed Khalsa by baptizing men and thus was born a different religion Sikhism During Independence movement leaders across different religions fought against tyrannical rule of British collectively but some were moved by British s policy of Divide and Rule and thus never wanted religious unity and hence continuously strived for concessions from British Riots during Independence were probably the worst with countless number of people getting affected Independent India even witnessed riots based on lingual issues apart from religious and regional Post 1984 riots in Punjab Post 1984 till early 90 s was darkest phase in modern history of Punjab with instances of communal clashes in retaliation to Anti Sikh riots in Delhi after assassination of Indira Gandhi Before going further let us try to understand the demography of modern day Punjab after states of Haryana and Himachal were carved out in 1966 Almost 60 of population practice Sikhism and 37 practice Hinduism thus rendering Hindus as minority in Punjab During 1984 1990 many Hindus were killed by rag tag Sikh militia but till date there has been no justice for those families whose members were massacred There were instances in which Hindus were pulled out of moving buses and killed in public incidents which no sound mind person whatever may be his her religion can support Though there was no hatred among general people but there were fanatic elements of society from both sides supported by political parties who were inciting feelings of hatred and therefore perpetuating violence Numerous families were affected and fanatic elements were successful to some extent as they were able to create feeling of hatred which is amply articulated today in voting patterns cuss words used in regional songs social media campaigns etc Article 25 of Indian Constitution treats Sikhs Jains and Hindus as part of Hinduism and even Supreme Court in its various decisions has held the fact that Sikhs are part of wider Hindu community One thing which which has to be understood is that Riots bring only and only grief for general public As I already discussed in one of my previous article the purpose of discussing these bitter facts in public is not to heap vengeance but to strength the national strength and to avoid the weakness due to which our previous generation suffered By knowing these facts perhaps people will develop proper wisdom and understanding along with right attitude towards other communities It is usually believed that political empowerment is the most important tool for actually empowering people but minorities have remained grossly under represented in Punjab s Vidhan Sabha with an added fact that a Hindu candidate has never even been in the race of becoming a CM of state The new secular party AAP which is obsessed with words like Minority Minority Rights went all guns blazing against BJP s selection process of candidates during 2014 Lok Sabha elections which had very less percentage of minorities nationally and vowed to have adequate representation of minorities in their candidate list They implemented it nationally but conveniently forgot the Hindu minority of Punjab by giving tickets to only 2 minority candidates out of 13 thus showing dichotomy of so called secular political parties of India Even in regional Punjabi songs many 3 rd class singers use cuss words against minority Hindus rendering them as second class citizens of Punjab I believe State should treat them as offenders and they should be thrown into jails for hurting sentiments of community Finally it is great that justice for families who bore the brunt of 1984 anti Sikh rights occupies a central stage in political discussions today and lately even the Kashmiri Pandits cause has caught the political eye in current regime but strangely Punjabi Hindus still seem unimportant for political parties If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on July 20 2015 July 20 2015 Categories History India Religion Tags 1857 Aam Aadmi Party AAP Anti Sikh riots in Delhi Article 25 of Indian Constitution demography of modern day Punjab Divide and Rule First War of Independence Indira Gandhi Kashmiri Pandits Khalsa Minority minority in Punjab Hindus Minority Rights Post 1984 riots in Punjab Punjabi Hindus Slave dynasty The forgotten minority 2 Comments Greece averts Financial terrorism Physical terrorism is a burgeoning problem of 21 st century and has been acknowledged by most governments over the world but Financial terrorism unleashed by developed nations and the multilateral financial institutions dominated by them is unfortunately acknowledged by few In this essay we will look at brief history of probably the biggest perpetrator of Financial terrorism i e IMF International Monetary Fund the current Greece crisis and finally some bitter realities of modern day world and why Greece could be a role model for all developing economies in challenging financial hegemony of IMF and others Bretton Woods Institutions IMF and World bank Great Depression of 1930 s played a major role in rise of Hitler and consequently the second World War which brought a lot of grief to mankind To avoid this mayhem again creation of an international institution which will streamline reconstruct International payment system was envisaged and it finally became a reality in 1945 with formation of IMF and World Bank having 29 member countries Over the years IMF became a major lending institution in the world and helped many countries in times of distress by lending huge sums of money to them But along with financial help came the terms and conditions which the receiving country had to oblige with This directly contradicts the principle of National Sovereignty and Sovereign nations have to follow the dictated terms of some bureaucrats and think tanks sitting in Washington headquarter of IMF Moreover these institutions are dominated by developed nations of Europe and USA both in terms of management and financial matters India requested a loan from IMF in 1991 to avert Balance of Payment BoP crisis but to access it India had to open up its markets for foreign MNC s reduce its subsidy burden and make structural changes in financial governance Though the general feeling is that it placed India on path of development but on contrary it perpetuated deep inequality in society creating new economic classes Current Greece crisis Eurozone is group of 19 member countries of 28 member countries of European Union who use common currency Euro which includes industrially developed nations like Germany and France along with some less developed nations like Greece Latvia etc Greece owed a lot of money to private banks prior to 2008 Eurozone crisis as the government took huge loans to support its big ticket social programmes thus running a debt loaded economy Eurozone crisis hit Europe in 2008 09 in which Greece along with Ireland Italy Portugal and Spain derogatorily called PIIGS nations were at the receiving end as government deficit budget rose to unsustainable levels and thus their economic systems were on verge of bankruptcy Unemployment rose and instead of allowing the countries to default European Union came to their rescue and provided them bailout packages but many conditions were imposed which pushed Greece into political subservience and austerity despite having an elected government Things started changing in 2015 when the national elections were due in Greece and its leading party Syriza s campaign was based on this issue and it promised to end the regime of austerity created by previous government even if that required Greece exiting the Eurozone When Greece finally breached the deadline to pay back its loans from IMF and was declared willful defaulter the referendum asking citizens whether Greece should accept terms conditions of creditors or Not was conducted and not surprisingly people favoured No option Now since the exit option looms large fellow European MEP s have put pressure and Greece PM Tsipras on 8th July has submitted a fresh 3 year bailout plan to avoid banking collapse But Greece needs to be complemented for its stance and challenging the financial hegemony of developed nations and multilateral institutions dominated by them Globalization was completed when the money started travelling freely but it created a monopoly and the democratic space has increasingly been encroached by global financial capital Today financial inequality runs deep into society and certainly the movements like 99 vs 1 are born because of frustration of masses who come in 99 Democratic space has to be reclaimed from global finance capital and Greece has shown a way to rest of world and governments of other developing countries who attach more importance to global capital rather then the sufferings of people and achieving an egalitarian development have a lesson to learn from Greece Today Greece is fighting a lone battle but its exit from Eurozone or even if it is able to extract hefty concessions from creditors can have a ripple effect and possibly create Financial and Political Contagion with countries like Spain Italy Ireland Portugal soon following it It is the spread of this contagion that is worrying Germany France and other creditors who hold Greek debt and hence neither want Greece to default and exit the Eurozone nor want to write off any debt A picture showing Hermann Josef Abs head of the Federal Republic of Germany s delegation in London on Feb 27 1953 signing the agreement that effectively cuts the country s debt to its foreign creditors in half is being circulated widely on social media these days The juxtaposition of these 2 events current Greece crisis and debt restructuring of Germany in 1953 clearly reveals hypocrisy of Germany Finally I believe that war against global finance has started and it will only gather more steam in coming years and with increased awareness among people about the dictatorial attitude of global creditors war would only culminate when public policy involving welfare of citizens takes precedence If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on July 9 2015 July 12 2015 Categories Economics International Terrorism Tags 99 vs 1 Austerity Balance of Payment Bretton Woods Institutions debt restructuring of Germany in 1953 dictatorial attitude of global creditors European Union Eurozone Financial Contagian financial governance Financial terrorism Great Depression of 1930 s Greece crisis Hermann Josef Abs Hitler IMF International Monetary Fund national sovereignty Physical terrorism PIIGS Political Contagian Political subservience Syriza 4 Comments Beauty of Writing Last night one of my friend asked me a question Why do you write Although i gave a vague answer at that particular moment but I realized the question did require a lot of intellectual pondering Upon thinking the best thing that happened to me was I was able to discover my real self In this essay I will specifically discuss why writing is important for humanity to evolve the indestructible power of writing and finally the philosophical angle to above question From gestures to speech to writing Communication is the basis of human evolution and of social nature of humans Today we communicate using multiple languages using modern modes of communication like mobiles chatting email etc via Internet but have we ever wondered how we reached this stage the answer is probably never Lets trace down a brief history of communication and understand how it evolved over time As humans are also social animals early humans used gestures to communicate but with the development of larynx box usage of tongue increased and probably first form of speech was devised around 50000 years ago Then came symbols around 30000 years ago but the real revolution happened around 5000 years ago when first traces of writing appeared It was a revolution because now humans could pass on their original knowledge wisdom and thoughts to their future generations without being modified by intermediaries Power of writing Its an indisputable fact that words have an immense power and can greatly influence emotions philosophy and thought process of human beings Whether it was Thomas Paine s revolutionary pamphlet Common Sense which inspired original 13 colonies of today s United States of America U S A to declare independence from British rule in 1775 be it Karl Marx s Das Kapital that inspired leaders like Lenin and Mao to bring revolutions in their respective countries to establish communist nations or be it Adam Smith s Wealth of Nations that sent the dominant philosophy of Mercantilism to gallows and gave a new philosophy of Capitalism to world But there is a problem with writing sometimes it becomes very difficult to show the actual emotions evolved with the situation and history becomes what a particular writer thinks from his her prism of thought Coming back to the question Why do people write after thinking for a while the 1 st question I asked myself was Why Sage Vyasa wrote the great epic Mahabharata what made Charles Dickens a special poet or Why John Maynard Keynes is called father of modern economics and free market Specific analysis of these people works has one striking similarity of being A reaction to existent society s sufferings If Industrial revolution of Britain created Charles Dickens and his social poetry marked an epochal change in minds of many people it was the Great Depression of 1930 s that created Keynes and the current modern day Capitalist free market So pieces of writing have always been something that have made humans to think and change themselves At the end it is the writer whose knowledge non partiality and way of expression that defines the event And as it is famously said It is always the winner who writes history close study of Indian history suggests that despite the barbaric ways of rulers many of them have been painted as rulers who were kind and always fought for righteousness For example Historians paint Akbar the Mughal ruler as a great religiously tolerant ruler and Indian filmmakers have also made couple of movies showing his heroics but they conveniently forget the massacre done by him in Chittorgarh Even Nek Chand who built the famous Rock garden in Chandigarh from the waste material is only labelled as great artist by average people but many intellectuals believe his works were counter philosophy to the elite urbanism and how it fails to take rural or less developed areas along with it Personally on analysis of my writings I asked myself a question Am i obstructionist to development as I had strongly commented against Capitalism will i be accused of Luddite blasphemy But as pieces of writing are always a reaction to some events a visible soulless society characterized by gaping inequality and glaring social backwardness is something that pushes me to pen down my thoughts against modern day Capitalism that has perpetuated inequality Finally i believe writing is an art which helps an individual to understand himself herself and propagate his views to the world and since the readers believe in writer s wisdom and thoughts writer should always be fair to his her audience and try to give a fair and non partisan analysis of the situation If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on June 26 2015 June 29 2015 Categories International Tags 13 colonies of America A writer Akbar capitalism Chandigarh Charles Dickens Common Sense Das kapital Great Depression History of human communication John maynard keynes Karl Marx Knowledge larynx box mercantilism Nek Chand Thomas Paine Wealth of Nations wisdom Writing Leave a comment From Pitanjali to United Nation India boasts of a rich ancient heritage of Mythology Philosophy Science Ayurveda etc and used to be the epicenter of knowledge in the world But as interaction of the subcontinent increased with world our traditional knowledge took a big hit but intellectuals from other civilizations and later on westerners took this knowledge across shores and presented it to world as their original work In this article we will discuss about one such Indian practice i e Yoga its brief history Indian govt s push to declare June 21 as International Yoga day and finally the needless controversy that emerged with it in India A brief history Though origin of Yoga is still debatable it is believed to be primarily of Vedic times But roughly between 200 BC and 600CE when the Philosophical schools of Hinduism Buddhism and Jainism were taking shape systematization of Yoga also started and it culminated with Yoga Sutras of Pitanjali during 6 th century Yoga is one of 6 orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy with an ultimate aim of moksha liberation of soul and one of the most discussed orthodox schools today Yoga as a philosophy has much bigger motive and includes much more then asanas and physical exercise as most people perceive it today Yoga actually is way of life that has its own epistemology ethical practices and systematic exercises for development of body mind and spirit It aims at salvation by controlling body and mind and has a close relation with Samkya School of philosophy Yoga school has a concept of personal god which effectively means it believes in concept of God without being rational It was introduced to Western world by Indian Yog Gurus and today it is a very popular as a form of physical exercise Road to June21 Yoga has existed in India for long but as Shri Ravi Shankar once said It is very difficult for any philosophy without State patronage it finally received this push when Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi during his address to UNGA on 27 th Sep 2014 asked member states to adopt 21 st June as International Yoga day The initiative received a lot of support from international community and finally the resolution was ratified by UNGA on 11 th Dec 2014 with record 177 countries co sponsoring the resolution and June 21 was declared an International Yoga Day It was a matter of pride for India as one of its ancient practice got an international fame and as expected Indian govt back home in bid to make 1 st International Yoga Day a memorable one started preparations on grand scale But a needless controversy also emerged with it with many religious groups opposing it World including Islamic and Christianity dominated nations are celebrating 21 st June as International Yoga day but back home in India it has got entangled into religious connotations Indian government is taking every possible step to make it a grand event with PM himself attending a Yoga event on Rajpath Govt also issued some sample guidelines which could be followed during Yoga sessions and also dropped some controversial asanas which had some religious issues But the religious jingoism shown by some religious heads and political leaders is painful and the sheer perplexity of them in understanding the physical benefits of Yoga was on display The physical and mental benefits of Yoga are huge and there seems to be no reason why any section of the society should refuse to adopt it as a way of life As a way of digression it can be said that the issues which certainly become most important for religious heads and give a renewed vigor to their religious jingoism suddenly disappear when the event happens as it is all done to incite some unsavoury feelings among people against the State Finally Indian people need to realize the fact that Yoga is not associated with any religion rather it is associated with ancient Indian civilization and every Indian needs to feel proud on 21 st June as it projects India s soft power globally If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on June 20 2015 Categories History India International Tags 21st June 6 schools of Hindu Philosophy Benefits of Yoga Buddhism Hinduism International Yoga Day Jainism Salvation UNGA Yoga controversy Leave a comment Hot Pursuit into Myanmar Indian Army fights back Couple of days back India s Defence minister Mr Parrikar said that Our strong 1 3 million defence forces are not here to preach peace Days later there was an unprecedented attack on Indian Army soldiers in Manipur by an insurgent group killing 18 brave souls but for the very first time in Independent India Indian army launched a counter operation across the border and killed militants on foreign soil The action was applauded by almost everyone in India and was followed by chest thumping exercise by the government In this article we will discuss briefly about the ambush counter action of Indian Army and about departure from precedent of strongly condemning to strict action on ground June 4 killings India s north east has been long engulfed by insurgency and still there are multiple groups who are trying to take control over the area Porous borders with countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh difficult terrain and insufficient number of armed forces stationed in North East makes the situation worse Moreover there are reports that these rebel groups are actively supported by some of our neighboring countries for waging war against India On June 4 2015 militants of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland Khaplang carried out an attack on personnel of the 6 Dogra Regiment in Chandel district of Manipur killing about 20 soldiers There was a deep sense of anguish among Indian people about the incident and government was slammed over social media for not taking any action against these Anti India groups Departure from the precedent There have been numerous attacks on India by the militant groups but our political dispensations have not gone beyond strongly condemning these coward actions But this time there was a swift response and Indian Army launched counter operation which was possibly beyond Indian borders and extended into Myanmar As per reports special commandos of Indian Army landed on Myanmar soil and killed around 50 militants who were nurturing in militant camps on Myanmar soil Although there has been a denial by Myanmar government that operation was not carried out on its soil still the Hot Pursuit into Myanmar actively supported by political dispensation has sent out strong signal to the countries who are inimical to India Hot Pursuit into Myanmar certainly was the need of the hour as there has been growing feeling among some neighboring countries that India is a soft power which doesn t engage in military action despite being provacted regularly In 2008 there was possibly one of worst terrorist attacks on India in which terrorists almost seized the Indian financial Capital Mumbai for almost 72 hours and it was guided and actively supported by Pakistan s ISI Indian people wanted a strong action and reportedly then existent Indian govt planned a similar Hot Pursuit but developed cold feet in the end After successful operation in Myanmar establishments in Pakistan have been rattled and without any provocation statements were issued by various Pak leaders along with former and incumbent armed forces personnel that Pakistan is not Myanmar India shouldn t try it with Pakistan etc Indian government received a lot of applause on social media and there were demands for similar action against Pakistan too This operation has certainly sent ripples across subcontinent and is possibly a warning to all But Indian government too needs to learn some lessons from it First though this operation was a necessity the chest thumping rhetoric that accompanied it was certainly not Second it would have been better if Myanmar was engaged actively as terrorist groups eventually harm both nations Finally it would be wise for Indian govt not to give any proactive statements which could escalate the tensions with Pakistan But certainly this operation has again proved the fact that given the free hand Indian Armed Forces are capable of carrying out the most sensitive operations with utmost ease and perfection As the government thumps the chest with hashtags like 56inchrocks on social media expectations of Indian people are on rise and they certainly want same tactical strikes and operations against our most hostile neighbor Pakistan Whether there would be 1 against Pak or not I believe will be one thing to keenly watch out for during current government s tenure If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on June 11 2015 Categories India International Terrorism Tags 56inchrocks 56inch Chandel district Eastern borders Hot Pursuit in Myanmar Indian Armed forces Indian financial Capital ISI June 4 killings Manipur ambush Manipur armed conflict militant camps Mumbai attacks 2008 Myanmar Pakistan is not Myanmar 1 Comment World given World created Nature created mother earth around 4 5 billion years ago and bestowed it with many beautiful rivers mountains oceans and other natural landscape Evolution of modern day humans started around 50000 to 100000 years back and they gradually replaced the existing population of homoerectus but what certainly made these homosapiens special was the development of brain which could think much better and manipulate things accordingly As the title suggests in this article we will see what nature gifted us or how was the world presented to living beings what modifications we have done and subsequently what kind of world we have created analyzing various dimensions of philosophy humanism capitalism modernism and technology Pre Industrialization Society As famous futurologist Alwin Taufler remarked that early human beings were the first true communists who shared everything among themselves and didn t had any personal rights over anything the world was created with the same intention too by mother nature Everything present on or beneath earth was for each and every living being but over centuries which saw feudalism dictatorships failed communism socialism and Democracy the natural resources too got divided based on territories But was this the intention of someone who created this world Human brain always fantasizes about supremacy among others and it is this precise thought that made our history bloodier For the want of more land and the related natural resources our ancestors kept on fighting with each other some fought for just propagating their religious thoughts and some fought just to get more human slaves But during these egregious times many philosophers poets writers having humanistic leaning were born and hence we have such a rich literature about our bloody history Caste system which was roughly same in all ancient civilizations but known by different names evolved in which people at the bottom strata suffered immensely and were treated as undesirable Over centuries this was precisely the world we created Modern day Capitalism Society European colonialism and the subsequent Capitalism unleashed a new tragedy on mother nature and now along with all the social bruteness environment also came under attack Capitalism led to industrialization and along with it greed for resources and money increased Today the world is flooded with developmental refugees who are treated as obstructionist to development when they demand their Rights Modern day big Capitalist firms have become the engines of today s development but in process they harm the environment ruthlessly Nature created forests which were made for animals created clean rivers to meet our water needs created fresh air for our healthy body and created mountains for our recreational activities But today we have cleared almost half of our forests even the Amazon Rainforests Lungs of Earth are under threat many rivers have been polluted to extent that they are rendered unusable air quality in metro cities of world is rapidly declining and with the creation of dams and by rerouting the natural courses of rivers even the mountains are under threat As a result there are many world level summits which happen where the agenda is deteriorating environment Today we have a clear cut division among rich poor urban rural etc and there exists a pathetic thought among few benefactors of Capitalism that anybody who doesn t embrace a proposed change in their lifestyle he she is a villager I believe it displays our inability to acknowledge our incompetence to address the wrongs in definition of today s Modernity Today humans have technologically advanced to a great extent and there can be no doubt about the impact it has made on human life by making our day to day life hassle free but as its said Excess of everything is bad technology today also presents a grim future for the very existence of mankind Even the world destroying weapons like nuclear missiles do not present the danger which the Information technology in combination with Internet Artificial Intelligence Robotics and advancement in 3d and 4d printing technologies present today Although as of today there are few people who can see that danger but I believe concept shown in recent Hollywood flick Avengers The Age of Ultron is going to be a reality in next 100 years and human race will have to cope with it Thus it can be concluded that nature created this beautiful planet with everything that was needed for the survival of living beings but we have created a planet in which people are divided on religious lines level of development rich poor and in modern times between technology have s and have not s Finally if the world can have international debates on various issues related to environment climate change international trade etc it would be great if there can be an extremely fetished debate based on theme World given and World create where discussions on an entire gamut of issues takes place and possible solutions to them are found Today only the philosophies which teaches materialism are relevant and all other branches of philosophies have been rendered useless its high time we as a society take some steps to ensure humanist philosophies reclaim their lost place and inculcate feelings of humanism into hardened materialistic society today If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on June 3 2015 June 3 2015 Categories International Tags 3d and 4d printing technologies Alwin Taufler Amazon Rainforests Artificial Intelligence Avengers The Age of Ultron capitalism Caste system Democracy developmental refugees dictatorships European colonialsim failed communism feudalism homoerectus homosapiens humanism Internet Lungs of Earth Materialism modernism philosophy Robotics Socialism Technology World given World created 2 Comments Dead Life or Death Euthanasia Life of a homosapien is considered as most important gift of God and over the years Right to Life became an indisputable Fundamental right of all human beings But what is usually not understood is the fact that this right actually is Right to dignified Life which includes Right to Die gracefully too In this essay we will discuss about the related issue of Euthanasia both passive and active its legal position in India and other countries of the world and finally the recent Aruna Shanabug case in India who was forced to stay alive for 42 years in completely vegetative state Passive and Active Euthanasia Euthanasia scientifically means painless killing of an individual or a patient who is suffering from an incurable disease Active euthanasia means giving medicines or chemicals which will cause death of patient in some hours and passive euthanasia involves removing all the life support including medicines and other support systems and let the patient die natural death Today it is one of most debated issue in world with maximum people favouring illegality of Euthanasia whether passive or active In India active euthanasia is illegal but passive euthanasia is legal but still India doesn t has any law related to this rather only the Supreme Court s laid down guidelines Moved by Aruna Shanabug s case activist and lawyer Pinki Virani moved SC which delivered a historic judgement in 2011 declaring passive euthanasia as legal provided some laid down conditions are fulfilled but it totally rejected Active Euthanasia Legal position in world As of 2015 only 4 countries have legalized active euthanasia Netherlands Belgium Colombia and Luxembourg and there are couple of countries more in which assisted suicide is legal In rest of world active euthanasia is fully illegal Conservatives Religious heads have a belief that all suffering to human being is destiny and any transgression form it will be against the will of God Precisely because of this reason death can t be given to anyone no matter how much pain he is in In recent case of Aruna Shanabug of India where she was in permanent vegetative state for 42 years and had no chance of recovering she was still kept alive by staff of KEM hospital where she worked as a nurse Though the effort of KEM staff was commendable and as was beautifully described in SC s judgement being KEM staff as role model for whole nation but the bigger question of Aruna s right of Dignified death remained unanswered and she finally took her last breath last week She was like a vegetable lying on bed who was bathed and fed by her colleagues for last 42 years Finally all this leads us to a bigger question whether the will of a living human being is more important or is it the religious jingoism that perpetuates some particular beliefs Legalizing active euthanasia would require a favourable public opinion and it can come only with momentous change in attitude of people Though passive euthanasia is legalized still there are many difficulties putting it into practice because of families being perceived as cruel doctors unwilling to take responsibility etc This attitude has to change and can happen only if big campaigns highlighting the issue are promoted by State For developing countries where healthcare for some serious diseases is still out of reach for majority and with an added disadvantage of pathetic public health infrastructure many serious patients just live as living dead bodies Shouldn t they be allowed to submit themselves willingly to death in case they are in unrecoverable position In particularly Indian context the first thing establishment needs to do is to come out with a full fledged legislation on the subject so that any ambiguities can be addressed Secondly the authorities and people in general need to be made aware about the seriousness of the subject Thirdly each case should be treated on Individual basis everything under one umbrella approach is not going to work and if implemented in future could bring very disastrous results As an example after euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002 there has been rapid increase in patients dying from it many of them could have been actually saved and provided a fresh life An immatured person suffering from an extreme pain can easily adopt for euthanasia while medically it may be possible to save him Hence Belgium possibly lost many more people because of this law Finally it can be concluded that legalizing active euthanasia is not the solution implementing it in specific cases like Aruna s case with active involvement of family doctors and psychologists is the need of hour If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on May 26 2015 Categories India International Polity Religion Social Issues Tags Active Euthanasia Aruna Shanabug Belgium Colombia completely vegetative state Everything under one umbrella approach KEM hospital Legality of Euthanasia in India legalizing active euthanasia living dead bodies Luxembourg Netherlands Passive Euthanasia Pinki Virani Right to dignified Life will of God Leave a comment India s Education Sytem If you ask any layman about the purpose of education the common answers would probably be economic development of the self and society imbibing social values and ensuring people become responsible citizens But I believe there are many more dimensions which education systems should aspire to inculcate among students In this essay we will explore some more dimensions of education system s purpose the examination centric and over importance to certificate based modern day education system and finally some bitter realities of India s Primary and Tertiary education Unexplored Dimensions As discussed in the beginning of the essay beyond the usually understood purposes of education it has one bigger purpose and that being the ultimate goal of education is to develop oneself and inculcate qualities of Autonomy Integrity Harmony among Individuals Autonomy is the state of mind which ensures that an individual takes autonomous decisions based on his understanding of the world Integrity is measuring your actions against established standards of Morality and ensuring they comply with them Harmony is coherence between one s intellectual thoughts emotions and his actions Schools and Universities across the country don t give required importance to these and hence we are just producing students who are constantly at war with their emotions because of lack of Harmony indulge in immoral acts because of lack of Integrity and are usually not Independent thinkers because of lack of Autonomy Exam Certificate Centric Approach Today the method of testing an individual knowledge is the exam in which too specific parts of knowledge are tested Knowledge being an interconnected whole cannot be tested in fragments as is done in exams Further the certificate issued by the Institutions and Universities have become extremely important and usually an individual s worth is calculated based on the number of certificates he holds and reputation of the issuing authority This breeds corruption at almost levels from students to teachers and issuing authorities Even many parents indulge in this because a good certificate by hook or crook can get a quality job for their children in future I still wonder how such a noble profession of Teacher and in nutshell the Education system has got commercialized today and the only thing which matters today is the money involved in it Even the Tertiary education system in India is not insulated from some peculiar prejudices where all the modern day Capitalist education fields like Business Administration Commerce and Science are given an unprecedented luxury over other field like Humanity Poetry etc Barring some recently established institutes like Shiv Nadar institute which have an excellence in humanities these fields have been virtually neglected in post Independence India and most people consider it as a waste of time But many still wonder why study subjects like Humanity and literary Arts As president of American University once famously said We study Humanity because it teaches us how to be humans and not robots how to lead a meaningful life not just next job Further many respected Industry leaders in India have said that lack of any value based leadership in students is what enable the Corruption to creep into society at all levels But then the bigger question arises what could be the solution to these ailing problems of India s education system I believe at Primary level rather then just promoting competition among students and reducing the worth of an individual to just a piece of paper the State should be promoting Independent thinking and sensitizing the teachers to inculcate this among students by holding regular training programs for them Do we want our youth to become intellectual slaves and compete for the greater share in job market or do we want them to be original thinkers who have good character and right balance of various emotions As discussed above education is supposed to develop an authentic self in Individuals but today s education systems transgress from it completely and rather create disharmony within individual s soul This system has to change for good and teachers will play the most important role in it Our Tertiary system of education also promotes Job seekers rather then becoming the Industry leaders and hence it is no surprise that there is virtually no Indian University in top 100 rankings across the world and neither we have Indian organisations among Top 50 brands worldwide whereas there are many number of Indians working in those companies The hegemony or greatness of a nation is not build on Diplomatic tables or in media rather it is made in schools Universities Laboratories Science labs Factories etc beneath which has to lie a strong value based education system and if India aspires to be a superpower it has to set up a strong education system Many argue that India has already set up institutes of excellence like IIT s and IIM s for its brighter talent but the question here which needs an urgent answer from all of us is Do we need a sea of mediocrity with few islands of Excellence or do we aspire for pursuit of sea of Excellence with few islands of mediocrity I believe the answer to this question would shape our future as a nation and thus needs a lot of pondering over it If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on May 12 2015 Categories India International Social Issues Tags authentic self Autonomy Business Administration Commerce and Science Corruption Education Exam Certificate Centric Approach few islands of Excellence few islands of mediocrity Harmony hegemony humanity IIT s and IIM s Integrity Knowledge Modern day Education Systems sea of Excellence sea of mediocrity social values Tertiary education ultimate goal of education Universities Leave a comment Capital Punishment God gave well developed brain to humans but many of them starting using it to do all kind of wicked things which were not acceptable to fellow human beings As the modern society started evolving and concept of Lawful and unlawful practices got entrenched in the society punishment for unlawful activities according to their magnitude also came into force In this essay we will discuss about Capital Punishment Punishment by death its current situation in India recent executions in Indonesia and finally why it may be a necessity to curtail crime in society India s situation Capital Punishment has been in practice since ages and usually it was accompanied by torture In ancient times people were also awarded Capital punishment because of rather some obnoxious reasons like showing disrespect to ruling king or disobeying his orders etc along with many valid reasons for hardened criminals The only thing that has changed today is that only hardened criminals get this extreme punishment and that too in Rarest of rare cases India today stands with minority States internationally who still continue Capital Punishment and refuse to remove it from the Law books Although only few people have been awarded Capital punishment in last decade and out of them mercy petitions for many convicted criminals are lying with President for reconsideration Indian executive and legislature believes that Capital Punishment is required to deter criminals and it was evident when the provision was kept in recent bill on Women Protection was passed by the Parliament though it was to be in rarest of rare cases Recent executions in Indonesia Last week 8 people were executed by Indonesian authorities who were convicted for drug smuggling It created a lot of hue and cry internationally as there were 2 Australians 4 Nigerians and 1 Brazilian who were executed Indonesia has a stern law and unlike its counterparts in Southeast Asia makes it clear that drug dealing convictions carry death penalty Indonesian govt was slammed worldwide on social media with Australia going to extent of saying that It cant be business as usual with Indonesia after this incident This according to me is a question of National Sovereignty and Indonesia seems to have cleared it with flying colors Executions have also evoked strong reactions at home and rightly majority seems to agree with the executions as they believe these drug dealers have torn apart the social fabric of Indonesia by luring Youth into using drugs So now the bigger debate is whether the world needs this extreme form of punishment or it needs to go away into history books Today most of the European countries advocate the revocation of Capital Punishment from the world but what about the migrant people who are killed while entering the European countries through their coasts Isn t it worst form of Capital Punishment where hundreds of migrants are killed just because there is instability at their home countries which is rather mostly perpetuated by the intervention of Western powers or their allies Capital Punishment still is given to hard lined criminals but as in case of ship drowning in Mediterranean more then 500 innocent people died This hypocrisy of the Western powers is manifested in its best form when the case of migrants crops up but they never miss a chance to pontificate other countries regarding human rights and other things to others Although its a reality that nobody in the world has a right to claim somebody s life but the ones who commit serious crimes and are usually serial offenders need to be awarded serious punishment so that it atleast creates a sense of fear among other possible offenders No country today dares to criticize Saudi Arabia s execution methods which are not just brutal but are also carried out in open Is it just because Saudi is an ally of US and NATO or is it just too powerful because of its Oil Same is the case with China which is in 5 topmost countries who execute people But everyone seems to be upset with Indonesian executions Though lives were lost in Indonesian executions but why nobody remembers that they were DRUG DEALERS who were destroying the youth of Indonesia hence plunging country s future into dark India possibly has some lessons from this episode and think about amending our local laws because India today suffers from severe drug menace With all seriousness i conclude that Capital Punishments should not be repealed totally though it must be awarded in rarest of rare cases If you feel it is worth sharing Please hit the share button Share Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Print Google StumbleUpon Pinterest Pocket Posted on May 6 2015 Categories India International Polity Social Issues Tags Capital Punishment death penalty Drug Menace Mediterranean ship crash national sovereignty President of India Rarest of rare cases recent executions in Indonesia social fabric of Indonesia Social media Leave a comment Posts navigation Page 1 Page 2 Page 4 Next page Proudly powered by White Lens IT Wordpress Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent check your email addresses Email check failed please try again Sorry your blog cannot share posts by email
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Beauty of Writing An article that tries to trace human history of communication and analyses the importance of writing in human evolution. It stresses more on writer's thought process and tries to take a philosophical angle on the question Why people write. 2.81%
From Pitanjali to United Nation This article is about the Yoga which is one of 6 schools of Orthodox Hindu Philosophy. It also discusses India's efforts to declare 21st June as International Yoga Day and the controversy that erupted in India after it. 2.84%
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